How to use the EVcones

  1. When you arrive at a charging location with an EVcone the previous EV owner should have moved it to the center of the Charging Spot. 

  2. Pull your Electric Vehicle into the Charging Spot as close to the EVcone without hitting it and get out of your EV and move the EVcone to next open Charging spot or curb.

  3. Get back into your vehicle and position yourself in one Charging Spot.  Plug in your EV and charge. 

  4. Before leaving the charging location please make sure the EVcones are in the center of open charging spots.  (We want to make sure Gasoline-only powered vehicles don't park here.  Your effort will help the next EV Owner!  Thank you very much!)   

  5. There may be fewer EV Cones than charging bays.  Please don't leave the location with an EVcone sitting at a curb.  Make sure to move it back to the center of a charging bay.

  6. Make sure the black STOP sign and text is facing in the direction that the next Non-EV vehicle will see when they attempt to park there.  

  7. Take some photos and share on PlugShare and Social media.  Use the #EVcone, #EVcones, and #EVcharging hashtags in your description.   Tag us, please.  


Alternative Suggestions: 

a.  If you have a passenger with you ask them if they would move the EVcone.


b. Look around, there may be more Charging Spots than EVcones.  Move the EVcone from your space to the next open Charging Spot.  Now you have reserved that spot for the next EV owner! (Doesn't that feel good?!)

(By incorporating these additional steps into EV Charging we can almost guarantee that the Charging Spot will be available for the next EV owner and, eventually for yourself.)

Thank you!

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