This section of the EVcone website will show you pictures and videos on how to install the EVcone labels on your own Traffic / Parking cones. 


Cost Savings:

The EVcones were created on a highly reflective adhesive backed material so that you can stick them to either new cones or your own existing cones if you already own them.   Traffic / Parking cones can be expensive to ship and so this method allows you to use your own existing cones or buy cones locally which will cost you less. 

This website provides the continued support to your Electric Vehicle customers who are using the charging stations and to your custodial staff / handyman who will be installing the EVcones. 

We will provide the following information below:

  • Tools and Hardware needed

  • Steps to attach the EVcone labels

  • Security, Attaching a chain.

  • Mounting examples

  • Pictures of installations

  • Step-by-Step photos & videos

  • Additional steps to prolong the life of the labels.

Picture Slideshow:

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How to attach an EVcone label to your own Traffic Cones:

Theft of Parking Cones? - Here's a solution: 

Landlord / Owner of EV Charging Station(s) section:

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