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Currently, there are 1,280,000 Plug-In Vehicles in the United States as of 08-20-2019. 


In 2018, 361,307 were sold in the USA.

In 2017 199,826 were sold in the USA

In 2016 158,614

In 2015 116,099

In 2014 122,438

In 2013  97,507

In 2012  52,607

in 2011 & 2010 17,425

This data and more can be found on this site: 



Right now there are around 65,000 Charging Stations and that number is growing every day.  


Studies have shown that each Plug-In vehicle requires 1.3 to 1.6 charging stations.  The "1" is usually their own personal station that they have at their home and the "0.3" to "0.6" are public charging stations.



Sometimes EV owners require a little extra charge to make it to their next destination or to get home. 


If a Gas Powered Vehicle (otherwise known as an ICE for Internal Combustion Engine) is parking in a Charging Spot that will prevent the Electric Vehicle owner to be able to charge.  They may not have enough charge to get to the next charging station and therefore the only alternative is to call a tow-truck. Which can be expensive and time-consuming. 


Many jurisdictions do not have laws preventing ICE vehicles from parking in Charging Spots but some do.   

One example is Arizona: 


"Arizona Revised Statute 28-876 Parking spaces for electric vehicles; civil penalty

A. A person shall not stop, stand or park a motor vehicle within any parking space specially designated for parking and fueling motor vehicles fueled exclusively by electricity unless the motor vehicle is powered by electricity and has been issued an alternative fuel vehicle special plate or sticker pursuant to section 28-2416.


B. If a law enforcement officer finds a motor vehicle in violation of this section, the law enforcement officer shall issue a complaint to the operator or other person in charge of the motor vehicle or, if an operator or other person is not present, to the registered owner of the motor vehicle for a civil traffic violation.


C. A person who is found responsible for a violation of this section is subject to a civil penalty of at least three hundred fifty dollars. Notwithstanding section 28-1554, the civil penalties collected pursuant to this subsection shall be deposited in the state general fund."


The Arizona Statute is straight to the point and carries a hefty fine.  Many other states and Jurisdictions are looking to adopt the same. 


If you're not careful you may return to your vehicle with a $350 ticket.


(legislation from other states can be found on this site:  http://pluginsites.org/plug-in-vehicle-parking-legislation-reference/)


The EVcones:


The EVcones were created because Signage does not work 100% of the time to deter Non-Electric Vehicles from parking in EV Charging Spots.  


Studies have shown that if a Traffic Cone is left in the middle of the Parking Spot most people (90% or more) will just drive by.  A very small percentage will climb out of their Vehicle and move the cone and take the Parking Spot.


So, In the future can you please not park in a Charging Spot with your Non-Electric Vehicle?


Thank you!




Did you find a note on your windshield?


Most Electric Vehicle owners are very passionate about Non-Plug-IN Vehicles blocking Electric Vehicle Charging Stations. 


Some will leave a note explaining what you did, hopefully, it wasn't harshly written.  If it was I apologize for them.   


You just need to understand that you're blocking our "Filling Station"


Imagine if 50 Electric Cars blocked every Gas / Petrol / Diesel / CNG station you use to fill up.  Would you be happy that you couldn't fill up?


Please don't block the EV Charging Stations we use to fill up our vehicles. 


Thank You! ​


Are you an EV owner and want these cards?


Go to the EVguidelines Website (click here) and click on the PDF tab.

Also, check out the EV Parking Tickets website and download some WindShieldNotes 

Information for Non-Electric Vehicle(EV) Owners