When you purchase this item you will receive (1) 36" Lime Colored Traffic cone with two of the EVCONE labels explained below.  


We use these Traffic Cones,  We buy them,  Pay for shipping to us. receive them, apply the labels and re-ship to you.  This takes time and costs a lot of money in shipping.   It's really not worth it for us and this item may not be available in the future.  We really just want to sell labels to our customers to stick to their own cones.  


If you want to save money then buy a 10 pack of EVCONE labels from us and buy cones from the Traffic Safetly Store as mentioned aove.  Thank you.  



We use Highly Reflective Adhesive-Backed labels designed to stick to your own traffic / parking cones.  In pitch black darkness headlights from cars will see these labels from a far distance.  The cones will not be missed.   The adhesive side has a clear cellophane membrane that needs to be peeled off and then you can attach the EVCONE label(s) to your own cone(s) - We recommend 2 labels per cone. 


When you purchase this item you will receive (1) 36" Lime Cone with (2) EVcone Labels.  


You'll receive one of these cones (36” Lime colored with 2 reflective collars): https://www.trafficsafetystore.com/traffic-cones/36#CRL36SRC64


(PLEASE NOTE:  Shipping is really expensive for the complete EVCONES.   The Shipping box is 48" Tall by 15" x 15" - It's really huge,  Fedex wants $97 to ship it,  USPS is at $63.50 - If you have a Fedex or UPS account that you would like to use I could ship that way.  Before ordering just email me at info@evcones.com -  If you need more than 6 EVCONES please email me and I will search around to get you the least expensive shipping quote I can OR we'll use your account to ship.  Thank You!,   info@evcones.com  )

(1) 36" CONE with (2) EVcone Labels

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